Earth Globe
Several earth globe applications have been released in the past year. These versatile platforms showcasing satellite images of the earth with digital elevation models are excellent platforms for presenting data and research in a wide variety of disciplines across the social sciences. Below are links to several of the most powerful and popular.

Virtual Globes

Virtual Globetrotting

Google Earth

Download Google Earth - Latest 1/05/2007

KML Tags

Google Earth Community

SketchUp 6 - 3D Model Builder for Google Earth - Latest 1/8/2007

SketchUp 3D Warehouse

Google Earth Blog

ArcMap Extension: Export to KML - Latest 12/15/2006

Geography Building on Google Earth

Google Earth Hacks

GPS Visualizer - Convert GPS data for viewing in Google Earth

Google Map Creator

Open Source GIS

Quantum GIS 0.8 - Latest 01/03/2007

Celestia and Stellarium


Celestia Motherlode


ESRI ArcGIS Explorer

Download ArcGIS Explorer Latest 1/04/2007

ArcGIS Online Digital Globes

ArcGIS Explorer

ArcGIS Explorer: GIS for Everyone

ArcGIS Explorer Resources

NASA World Wind

NASA World Wind - Latest 5/12/2006

World Wind Central Wiki

World Wind Add-Ons

World Wind Hotspots

World Wind Data

World Wind Add-Ons Blog

Dapple Earth Explorer

Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D

Virtual Earth 3D Beta - Latest 11/06/2006 works with Internet Explorer 7 only

Virtual Earth Maps Development

Map Cruncher

3D Geology Maps

Geographic Servers and Terrain Modeling


Map Guide Open Source

Map Server


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