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MSU Geography Club


is a registered student organization at Michigan State University that welcomes all undergraduate students who are interested in the geography of our world, how human communities interact with the environment, and how geo information is represented.We do community service and like having fun.We have pizza at our meetings (unless we have agreed ahead to eat out at an interesting ethnic restaurant), go on fun field trips, paint maps on school playgrounds, sponsor a Geo Career & Internship Event each year, form study groups, and enjoy each otherís company.Whatever your major or minor, you benefit from Geography.If you would like to join the Club or get on the mailing list, contact us at <>.For more information, meeting dates, and goings on

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We would love to see you at our meetings and events!And oh, yes, we meet in the Geography Building.Its address is 673 Auditorium Road (very visible from Bogue Street, first building on west side, north of the Cedar River bridge).It is on the interactive campus map.This is what it looks like:


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